Tutoring service

The tutoring service supports students throughout their University career. Tutors help students manage their study time and to deal with any organisational difficulties, such as completing study plans. They also help them to plan for examinations.
The tutors are students enrolled in single or second level Degrees, Doctoral Degrees or Specialisation Degrees, and they receive special training so that they can perform their role effectively.


Tutoring and study advice service - School of Psychology

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm, on Tuesday and Thursday up to 5.30 pm, on the first floor of the via Venezia, 12 (Psico2 Building, the large gray building where most lectures are given).

If you need to contact the Tutors, please send an e-mail to tutorjunior.psicologia@unipd.it.

You can also call them during the opening hours, to ask information and fix appointments.